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Association Awards

RDMIA Wins “Most Unique” award at the 2016 Aptos July 4th “World’s Shortest Parade”

The Rio Del Mar Improvement Association celebrated its 75th anniversary by participating in the Aptos 4th of July parade aka The World’s Shortest Parade. With lots of hard work from Board Members, everything came together. Our float featured an upside down humpback whale (a fun and serendipitous whoops!) serenaded with an awesome underwater whale sound track.  


Our entry made us a shoe in to earn "The Most Unique Award" bestowed by the Aptos Chamber of Commerce. The kids that came out to high-five the whale’s fin seemed to agree too! Thanks to everyone who helped in making us a winner!

RDMIA Earns Award for Making Rio del Mar a Better Place!

The Rio del Mar Improvement Association (RDMIA) was awarded by the Aptos Chamber of Commerce on October 30, 2015. This recognition of RDMIA’s work, was not just for recent projects including the Rio del Mar Entrance Sign, Flats Roundabout, and Esplanade landscape but also acknowledges the association’s efforts towards making Rio del Mar a better place to live.


We were also honored that two of our Board members, Melanie Freitas and Patrick Kelley, were nominated for the Woman of the Year and the Man of the Year award, respectively. If you knew how much each of them have done and continue to do for our community, we are sure you’d vote them #1. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2014-15 Beautification projects which resulted in this award! 

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